Monday, June 11, 2012

O is for Osborne: Orange County Wedding Photographer

Totally and completely obsessed with this couple. To say I adored their wedding would be a massive understatement. I don't cry at other people's weddings... Well, why would I?
Cried at theirs not once, not twice, not three times...4 times. 4 times, I cried at their wedding. 
What a boob. 

Take a look at their bridals we did the night before their big day at the Del in San Diego. 
Their full wedding coverage coming soon! Stay posted.

Also, check out their amazing wedding video by Russ here

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jenni and Claire: Orange County Photographer

I'm seriously lucky enough to call these people my friends. 
Jenni and I went to high school together and I'd venture to say we have some of the most hilarious stories and memories you've ever heard :-) 

She is so stinking beautiful and I cannot get enough of these photos. Every time I look at them, I die a little more inside. Take a peek and this darling mommy daughter date in the flower fields. 

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Utah: Salt Lake City Photographer

I had such a wonderful time at home visiting friends and family and taking photos..
Take a peek at all we did in the Great Salt Lake

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Rustic Romance: Orange County Wedding Photographer

If you thought these two were gorgeous in their engagements, think again...

Nothing is more beautiful to me than seeing my cousin in her wedding dress. I'll admit, I cried while taking these photos. Jeanette has been my best friend, my cousin, my sister, my roommate in college, my shoulder to cry on, my laughter and excitement, my partner in crime, my all. 

Take a peek at their bridal session in Laguna Canyon. Can't wait to share their wedding day coverage.

A HUGE thank you to Emily Harris for the bridal bouquet!! 

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