Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rachel Maternity: Orange County Photographer

I have been having so much fun lately posting pics of my high school friends!! Rachel is one of my dear friends back from my Lone Peak days and getting together was like a mini reunion. I love this girl and cherish our memories from our past!Like the time we got lost driving to Park City and wound up in Wyoming at 2 a.m.....woops!

Love you Rachel! And love that tiny girl in there! xo

Something interesting about these photos is that they were taken in broad daylight..and when I say broad, I mean dead of the afternoon, sun beating down on us, we were sweating daylight. I don't typically shoot in the middle of the day because the lighting is not ideal, but in this situation where I was visiting for a short amount of time, this was the time frame we had to work with and I still love how they turned out! A little tip-when you are shooting in the hot afternoon sun, try to keep the sun behind your subject, rather than in front. It gives softer back lighting and the shadows aren't as harsh!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ricey Seniors: Orange County Photographer

Is this girl gorgeous or what!? And the pictures don't even do her justice!! So excited and happy for her to head off to college and chase her dreams!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Beach time with the Rose's: Orange County Photographer

Whitney and I have been friends since high school so it was SO fun and exciting for me to meet up with her while she was visiting from Utah and snap some photos of her darling family!

How sweet is little Bobbie? I seriously want to pinch that tiny nose like no one's business. 

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bloomies Handmade: Orange County Photographer

Believe it or not, my little Eliza was actually my client for this shoot :-)

Jen Romero, owner and founder of Bloomies Handmade asked me to photograph my little peanut for her up and coming line! Aren't these headbands adorable? I'm dying over the navy and coral combo! 

Head on over to Bloomies Handmade here or here. You will not regret it!! And Jen will take great care of you!

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