Monday, November 29, 2010

Try, try again

I guess it's just the collage type photos that turn out grainy. Here you can see how amazing mama is and how luscious those rolls are FOR REAL!

Kumjim Family: Orange County Family Photographer

I can't believe all these amazingly beautiful people I've been photographing! They make my job a piece of cake-hardly much editing to do really. Look at these beauties.

Isn't babe just to die for? I mean, honestly those rolls are more than I can even handle! I was giggling to myself as I was looking at these thinking, how in the world can i get my hands on those legs? I want to munch.
Seriously, she is soooo yummy.

Merry Christmas Kumjims!

(for some reason all my photos on the web are turning out so dingy and pixely lately? What is going on? They are so much more vibrant and clear on my computer than they are on the web. It's making me frustrated!)

Sanchez Family: Orange County Family Photographer

Have you seen cuter boys in your life??? Dad included, or a more smoking hot mama?? This family was honestly to die for. I was melting over these little guys! Such a fun session in the sand! We even spied a jelly fish washed up on the shore! What a treat!

P.S. doesn't mom remind you of Rosario Dawson??

I totally photographed a movie star ;-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Taylor: Orange County Newborn Photography

Little baby Taylor was such a peanut!! It reminded me again, of how itty bitty babies are as newborns. I could have swaddled her all day. She was a complete angel and hardly made a peep the entire time!! Except the one time we put her on her tummy with a tutu and fairy wings on, but who likes that?? My daughter didn't either, despite my eager attempts to make her do it! Even her little cry face was adorable. I couldn't resist.

Thanks for letting me come into your home and share your family. Baby Taylor is sure to grow up with lots and lots of Alaskan love ;-)