Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Action Recipes, tips and elements secrets

A couple people have asked me about the actions/presets I have been using on my photos. As a fellow elements user, it is really difficult trying to create those "photoshopped" looks you can really only get from actual Photoshop. Well look no more my friends. Here are 2 websites that will change your life forever....

The Pioneer Woman has just released actions for Photoshop Elements this week!!! And even better, they're absolutely FREE!!!!!

I love a good hearted person-so I thought I'd share the wealth.

Look at all the crazy things you can do with these? Aren't they fabulous?
GO here. It will change your life.

Second, I also really love Coffee Shop Photography. For all of you elements users, this is also a fun, friendly way of giving your photos that edge you've been looking for. Rita is also a kind and generous soul who opts to give her photoshop actions out for FREE! Isn't life good?
Go here. This will also change your life.

As for my own recipes, this is what I do to go from bleek, to chic.
Here is a photo straight-out-of-the-camera from my most recent photo session.

Here it is again post processing. Pretty nifty huh?

For this particular photo- I first edited and retouched the face and eyes and enhanced the surrounding colors (using the vivid color brush) using coffee shop action "perfect portrait."

I then added a sun flare up in the left corner for added effect.

After that, I added coffee shop action butterscotch vintage at about 50% opacity. You can adjust the effect to taste.

Then I added Pioneer Woman Action/preset boost to give it a little pop and took the "zing" down to about 50% as well.

And that about sums it up! These presets are amazing and even better, they're free!



Janet said...

Bless your heart girl!! Sharing information with others will only make you better in your successes! Thank you, thank you!

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