Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Photo-All Sorts of Vintage

I love the vintage presets coffeeshop photography has to offer.
There are a plethera of vintage inspired actions all on the coffeeshop website that you can download for photoshop or photoshop elements users. Take a look!

Some of these were also taken from the Pioneer Woman's website-check them out!

These actions look especially great with a little sunflare in the background. mmm mm mmmmm.

My favorite is this last pair-the one on the right. SO yummy.

It also helps that my daughter is D-Lish. ;-)


amelia said...

LOVE them all! thanks so much for the great tips! i've been playing around with them and you're right, they've CHANGED ME!!!

your baby is so delicious!

how are you guys? long time no see! we missed you at brett's blessing!


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