Monday, May 2, 2011

Growing Up.

This really is not photography related at all, but I just put together this design board for my daughters "big girl room." Wondering how parents make the change?

We were thinking of letting her spend the day away from home so we could knock it all out in one afternoon and when she comes home...SURPRISE! Maybe it will make the transition a little more exciting? How do you keep a toddler in bed!?!? Lol. We are learning as we go.

Hopefully her room will turn out a little bit like this...

Bright and cheerful. Just the way we like it ;-)


Amanda said...

SOOO cute! Keeping them in their bed hasn't been too hard for us,.. just threaten them with their life! ;) And the "gone for a day" idea is what we did and Bailey LOVED it! Have fun!

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