Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Lefrandt Family: Salt Lake City Family Photographer

This is my beautiful family....

Well, not actually MINE of course, but they are my cousins. They were pretty much adopted siblings growing up and really there is a fuzzy line between whether Aunt Diane (diamond) is my parent or not ;-)

This family is extra, extra special. You will notice not everyone is here...there is a special person missing from each photo, and that person has found a special spot in heaven where he can better look over his precious family. My uncle Harold passed away a few years ago from cancer. I actually had 2 uncles who were diagnosed with cancer in the same week, and both have since passed on. But there is something important to be said about the women of these families (both of which have 7 children) It takes a special woman to be able to bear the burdens of "widowhood" and I mean that in the utmost respect. I truly believe God does not give us burdens we cannot bear, and because he knew these women and these children were strong enough to do it, they have been blessed tremendously in their faith and their efforts of becoming unified families. I have no doubt in my mind my uncles look down with pride on their sweet, ever growing, ever changing families.

They truly are never alone, and we have all felt that.
Praise to those men who helped to raise such beautiful children.

It was a freezing day in Alpine, UT in the middle of January or something wild like that. I cannot even express to you how unbearably cold it was. We had to jog in place between shots to avoid freezer burn. Not only that, but the wind was blowing like a tornado was on the brink. Really....I can't think of more unfortunate weather circumstances, ha! I was miserable and every time I pressed down on the shutter to snap a photo, it froze we got a LOT of pictures!

Enjoy this remarkably talented, modelesque, Ralph Lauren ad-I take no credit. I had beautiful subjects ;-)







These two are twins. Would you ever guess it?? ;-)





And one more, for good measure.


I love you crazies!!


christi @ burlap and basil said...

oh my gosh tiffany! this is a STUNNING photo shoot. WOW.

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