Sunday, October 9, 2011

My love...


Cash Kendall Johnson
7 lbs. 8 oz.
19 inches long

pure joy.

This little guy made his debut into the world right on time!! I couldn't believe it! My daughter was 2 weeks early and 5 lbs 10 oz. so I was anticipating an early, and small baby! BUT much to my surprise, this little guy came exactly on my scheduled c-section date weighing nearly 2 pounds more than Eliza!

My first baby was breech (much to my amazement-that was a surprise!) and my water had already broken and I was in active labor, so naturally-I had a c-section. Well this time around, I had really contemplated having a v-bac since there were no complications with my last pregnancy. After much thought and prayer with my husband, we both decided a repeat c-section would be our best option. After that, my doctor decided not to do any more pelvic exams since it didn't really matter where his head was!

Well, much to my surprise, again, this little guy was breech as well! Exact same position as his sissy and turns out-I've just got a uterus that likes to bend my children in half ;-) We felt so blessed and so grateful that the Lord had guided us in that direction so that we were prepared. It was a tremendous blessing.

Since his arrival, we have been 100 mph ever since! With a 3 year old in the mix, things have been quite complicated I won't lie. She is a busy one!! But she loves her brother....She constantly gives him his bottle, asks to hold him, kisses his forehead and wants to help me change his diaper. Really she has been much more mature about things than I had anticipated, so no complaining here!

And this little man, is God's gift to our family. SO very well behaved. Only cries when he is hungry, constantly wants to be held and loved (twist my arm) and has already had a few 5-6 hour stretches of sleep at night!
Little angel.

Welcome to our family baby Cash.








And a Johnson baby wouldn't be complete without his own mini photo shoot ;-)









Love you little bird!!

More photo shoots to catch up on. I'll be back soon ;-)


Desiree said...

Oh my what a DOLL you have! He is so handsome. Photos are wonderful as usual!

Audra said...

Oh my Tiff, the most handsome little boy! I have been looking for a post about him. So happy for you guys!!! Much Love!

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