Friday, July 23, 2010

The Binge's: Orange County Family Photographer

This couple came to me asking for a photo session and I thought, "how fun! Just a chance to get some new photos taken of them for the house..what a cute idea." It wasn't until about 15 minutes into the photo session I actually learned they were getting their photos taken for the adoption agency to have when they submitted their information! I was SO excited! And I also felt a little foolish I hadn't asked before hand, seeing how I was making them do all sorts of silly things like kiss each other in the sunset ;-) Although those pictures are always great, I don't know that the adoption agency is particularly interested in their lip locking. Needless to say, I think they got some great headshots together. They will make remarkable parents and I truly wish them the best with the whole process. I would choose them,
wouldn't you??

Thank you guys SO much! I really wish you the best and know that you will make such wonderful parents some day...

Best of luck and all my love to you both.


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