Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Minnie Party

Well wouldn't you have it...

A minnie mouse party in the midst of everything else going on with the holidays? Yup.
My little peanut had a 2 year old birthday party this week. Did I have time to throw a birthday bash?
Did we make it happen?
You bet.
Little girls like this just don't come along quite often enough.
She deserved a party in behalf of her favorite person on earth, wouldn't ya say?

My cousin Jeanette made the darling cupcakes, my friend Jamie made all the stickers and cupcake toppers. She's amazing. See what she does here and here. I would recommend her for anything. She can design a house, make a craft, do some web design, dabble in card making, and pretty much everything else you could ever want in life. Love her. We borrowed the tule and drapery panels from a friend who had just thrown her grandkids a tea party. What a gem! I put together a plethora of other homemade goods, including cake pops for the first time which were not easy, despite what others said! Goods were baked, favors made, games played, love shared here there and everywhere in between.

A "minnie party" with all things mini for my miniature doll herself.
Love her like the day is long.

I love you Eliza Ann.

You make the stars sparkle and the moon shine.
And every day with you, is the best day of mine.



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