Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sorry for all the one hit wonders lately! I promise I'll post a full session soon, but these single images seem to be all I have time for lately.

I finally got a hold of the Totally Rad Actions and I am LOOOOOVVVIIIIIIIINNNNNNG THEM!!!

Get a load of what "cinnamon toast" did for this picture. And the lighting?? Oh this picture is so yummy to me. It does help that they are all remarkably beautiful (inside and out!)


The Lindahl's said...

The editing and lighting are perfect!! But hello I swear I am no longer "with child." I look so preggo in this picture it's kind of funny!

tiff and chris johnson said...

lol, nevermore..nevermore..

Brooke said...

That fam is so dang cute! and i love that action! you are so fab!

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