Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Johnson Family: Orange County Family Photography

This family is so beautiful, it hurts.
What started out as a wonderful idea on this particular day, quickly dwindled into a horrific experience lol. Lucky for me, the Johnson's were SO accommodating, SO easy, and just PERFECT for this crazy situation. Turns out, the location we had in mind in Laguna Canyon had just experienced a crazy flood, so the gate was locked and no one was allowed in!! Well these two drove over an hour out of their way to come see me, in traffic, with a baby, on one of the only days hubs didn't have to work blah blah. There was NO way we were turning back now! So here's where it got a little crazy...

I had to tell them to park a freakin' coons age away from the actual location, since the parking wasn't available behind locked gates. So they park, even further away than I did because they had no idea where the heck they were going right? HA! oh mercy. So then, we find each other on the side of the busy highway, J WALK across the crazy traffic filled street with a baby and all our garb in tow, AND THEN

do a little illegal trespassing ;-/

So sorry city of Laguna Beach. Please forgive us.
I know you will once you see the result...
It's BEYOND fabulous.
TOTALLY worth the trek
and heart melting no less.
These colors blow my mind. This still proves to be one of my favorite spots (thanks to a dear client who showed it to me! wink wink, Doosa)
mud slides and all
Thank you dear, sweet, baby carrying, hike partaking, mud laying, grass stain obtaining, illegal trespassing
Johnson family.
I owe ya one.



Brooke said...

Love all the bright wonderful colors!

Cassandra Laine said...

Love your site! I'm totally a fan!

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