Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Todd & Jeanette

Don't judge me. 

I couldn't narrow it down. I know there are a million and ONE photos to look at but c'mon....
they're pretty right?
Jeanette is my cousin, and best friend so naturally it was my dream come true to take her engagements!  June 1 can't come soon enough!

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Kara said...

These are beautiful! And I want her wardrobe! Love the striped dress. Love the striped/lace cardigan with ruffled blouse. Love the jewelry. Love the orange polka dot skirt paired with a lace top and colorful necklace. And their eyes are amazing!

Megan Marie said...

ok....tell jeanette to stop being so dang beautiful. oh wait you too, cause you guys are twins! pssh!

i'm obsessed with her stripe dress. i think i need it, then again i'm 5 feet taller than you two so it prob wont work with you know what!


emily k said...

I love your photos! That striped dress is so cute! Can you tell me where she got it?

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