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Friday, August 27, 2010

Josh & Brittany: Orange County Wedding Photography

We are in the middle of packing and moving but somehow I've managed a way to get some of these up! ha! I've got to get my priorities straight ;-)

Needless to say this wedding was awesome. Could the bride and groom look any more stunning? Such a beautiful couple and they are going to have the best marriage. Neither of them took anything too seriously the whole day and they both knew how to laugh things off together. What a great quality. Here is a sneak peek for Josh and Brittany.


Ashley Henry Photography said...

So beautiful Tiffany! I love them all. You captured it all so well. Love all the color.

Kelly said...

Tiff. You are amazing. Josh is a friend of mine and what a beautiful wife he has!! Sheesh. Way to go. Wanna do a baby session while were both in utah?! :) hehe

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