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Friday, August 6, 2010

Perry Family :Orange County Family Photographer

Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed editing these photos? It was pure joy. This family is so FUN! You can just see it in their faces, in the way they interact, the way they love. It was so special for me to capture a little piece of that. Megan grew up in Europe and has the most amazing accent you have ever heard. A bit jealous? Yep.

Thanks you guys! Hopefully we get to see you again soon!

All my love,



Me said...

Is this 3 Arch???? Soooo jealous!

tiff and chris johnson said...

ya it is!! Good call!!

Me said...

I grew up on that beach. My grandparents had a vacation home there. It's like the only beach I ever went to before I was 14. I.MISS.IT!

Love the pictures, as usual.

I like your new post. I think I'd put YOU in my inspiration list!

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