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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tonette Wedding: Utah Wedding Photographer

Remember Tonette?? (aka Todd and Jeanette)

She is my stunning cousin and he is my new relative. Enter perfection.
There is nothing more fulfilling than watching your best friend get married, but when it's also a relative-it's like the heavens open up and smile down on you all day long. Jeanette's father (my uncle) died of Cancer a few years ago, and I loved that everyone pulled together for her wedding. So many friends and family helped by arranging things, making things, putting things together- this wedding was seriously DIY on steroids! And I especially love that Jeanette had a charm on her bouquet-one side with her father, and the other with both her parents when they got married. (Insert tears) Her husband Todd also made the entire popcorn bar by hand (what!?) and yes, those are pie pops with berry filling. Cutest idea on the planet. 

I won't lie, it was a bit chaotic trying to be IN the wedding AND photograph it-but much thanks to Kelsie Rae Photography (another relative!) she totally eased the burdens of having to be everywhere at once. And hello, how would I ever get in a photo without her?? Yes, thank you Kelsie. To the moon and back!

You might spy some familiar faces in here...Some of my children, some of my siblings, some of me ;-) 
But nothing is more radiant than the smile coming from the face of this beautiful couple...
Take a peek. 

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RedusRN said...

Probably the most beautiful wedding reception and pictures I've EVER seen! Well done! Gorgeous couple too! ugh...jealous of these pics!!

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