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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Do I Wear: Orange County Photographer

I have clients all the time asking me what to wear for photo shoots. Since fall photos will be coming up really quick, here are a few fun outfit ideas! 

First is a link to my very own family photos taken by my talented friend Brooke Bakken. Click on this link to check out what my family wore last year!!

And here is a fun template I've put together myself of a fun family photo option-you can email me if you want more details

Outfits taken from Ralph Lauren, Gap, Old Navy and J.Crew.

Here are some fun family photos I have done with clients who knew just what to wear!!

Some other photos taken from other websites

image via blue lily photo

image via poyvore

image via polyvore
image via polyvore

image via polyvore

image vie polyvore

 image via designmom
image via j.crew

So here are more than enough options for you to look at! Remember that bright colors typically photograph well and to steer clear of too many small prints clustered together! 

Can't wait to see you this fall!


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