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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Newborn Session-Orange County Children's Photographer

Where do I even BEGIN!?!?!??!

Is this little man yummy or what? I mean seriously I've been dying over these pictures of him. He makes me ga ga. I want to keep him for myself. Just one week out of the womb-this little man is as fresh as it gets. And SUCH a good baby! (minus the blow out on dad ;-) )

That's what little boys are made of!

I want to get a canvas of this last picture..I could have an office someday right? It needs to be in there.

This is one of the greatest newborn photo shoots I have ever had, if not THE greatest. Such a stinking stud that little man is. We got such a plethera of photos because he was so blasted good the whole time! I couldn't stop clicking!

Ohhhh I love you little man. Everett is lucky to have some of the most patient, humble, good hearted parents alive. I mean it. These two have something truly special and this little addition is only going to make it better. I'm so happy for you guys. Thanks for everything.



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