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Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Can't Eat Your Cake, & Have It Too....

As promised, here are baby E's one-year-old photos. I mean honestly I might put every single photo from the shoot up as a preview because I can't decide which ones to leave out! The cake was just...unbearable. How could I not take 5 bajillion pictures? We were DYING laughing watching him make a mess. Truly it was the highlight of my trip. He is just too much-from the rolls, to his big blue eyes and pouty red lips-he's not allowed to date anyone other than my daughter. It's decided.


Soon after this shot, the balloons flew away. Ha! Oh this photo shoot made me laugh.

OHHhhhh Easton. I love your tiny little hands, chubby little tummy, messy little feet and tangled up toes-you're everything I could desire for a son-in-law :-)

I heart you forever.

Happy Birthday big boy.


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