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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Schoenberg Files..SLC photographer

Well these are the last of my Utah photo sessions. I've got this little guys one year old pictures, which I'll post after this and that will conclude my Utah trip! And what a way to end it...I'm so in love with these pictures it's not even funny. When Jess told me she wanted something funky and urban I was so excited-that's right up my alley. She directed me to this location which was TOTALLY off the beaten path, nothing anyone would look twice at, but she had a vision-and I am so grateful. This location was to die for.

This last picture makes my heart burst into a million tiny little pieces. I'm so in love with it. Borderline want to hang it up in my own house. I just love this family. I love how organic and natural it is. I don't even think I asked them to kiss-isn't that the best? They've just got it all figured out. I love it. LOVE it love it love it.

Thanks so much Jess. As always, it's such a joy for me to see you again and catch up.

Enjoy your little family moments on camera ;-)


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