Friday, October 1, 2010

No words...

A dear photographer friend of mine wanted to practice her skills a bit and asked if Eliza and I would pose for her as a mommy daughter photo shoot. TWIST MY ARM I said. I just received all the files in the mail last night and have just been oozing over them. The first one is already my desktop on my computer and is bound to be blown up larger than life in my home, no doubt.

*Photos taken by Stephy G
edited by me

love it.

I love that we didn't really get ready, that my hair is tossled up in a geisha bun, my shoes don't quite match my black sweater, that ellie has a giant hole in her tights etc..

this is us every day, and I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you to the moon and back steph. I love them.

You can find more on her brilliant side of the story here :-)


Stephy G said...

I'm soo soo happy you love them! I had such a wonderful time shooting the two of you! Ellie is an amazing little girl and you're both so blessed.
Thank you so much for giving me a chance and helping me out. I'll be seeing you soon for our family shoot mama!


Heather Lee said...

uhhh, I know I've already commented on these photos..on FB? Or your other blog? But I just DIE over the park bench photo. That, to me, captures motherhood right there. Your posture is perfect. Sitting and watching from a park bench...while your little one plays at your feet and eats a huge lollie.
I just love it. I like want it for my house.

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