Monday, October 11, 2010

Throop Family: Laguna Beach Photographer

Oh mercy...really I shouldn't post so many pictures. Your fingers might get tired from scrolling. Even my husband mentioned maybe there are a BIT too many photos to rummage through,

but honestly???

They were so cute, and so fun, and so carefree and easy going. This family was absolutely incredible. You know those times when you feel like you are just along as an outsider observing? You're like the 5th wheel, no one really invited you?

Well it's the greatest feeling in the world as a photographer. They just did their thing, and I followed along. And the little man?? He's my best friend. You ask him yourself. It was love at first sight. We held hands the entire session and come time to go, I sort of felt like he was supposed to buckling up in my car. Take a peak at the gorgeousness
I LOVE this little picture of her! Not only are her legs chubby and scrumptious and edible, but her little cheeks in the reflection on the water just kill me. I love that she was looking at her little self, and that I happened to catch her reflection unintentionally..
I DIED when I saw this photo. Chills literally ran up and down my spine. The look on her face as she's looking at her husband, his tired but loving look back. The kids hanging on every limb, and a sunset in the background...It's just so surreal. This is totally what life looks like as a family. Trying to catch a little alone time while the kids are dangling on you like Christmas ornaments. I'm obsessed. Officially and eternally obsessed with this photo.
For those of you who follow Tara Whitney, she has these moments that she calls the "in betweens." The photos you're not supposed to take that somehow get lost in shutter space. They are like this spiritual experience for her and I never really knew what she meant..I knew I had blurry pictures floating around on my disk but none that I could ever appreciate, or wanted. And then I saw it. This beautiful watercolor, dreamlike setting where nothing is in focus, everything is cloudy and beautiful. I didn't mean to take it. It just happened, and I'm so glad it did. Now I know what she means, and there is so much truth to it. It really is a beautiful thing.
And here is the intentional photo :-) Also, insanely amazing.

I just love families who play together, and let me watch. Going through these photos and editing them has really been an uplifting experience. It's given life to my photography, and I'm always looking to push myself. There are seriously SO many other photos I wanted to share. So many candids, so many playful thoughts and moments, but I've limited myself. I hope you enjoy what you see.

I enjoyed it, more than ever.


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