Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Forum Q & A

Okay-I hesitate a little to do this for a couple of reasons, a.) being that I really don't know everything there is to know about photography and am a continual work in progress b.) I am a little behind on editing already and I know this could very well set me back some more c.) I may say things you don't like??

At any rate, I get a lot of questions and emails throughout the week regarding simple photography basics and also more complicated questions.

For example..

What kind of lens do you use? What is your post processing work flow? How do I keep my image from being blurry? What does ISO mean? How do you photograph a moving subject?

And the list goes on and on

SO I figured, while I have a little calm before the Christmas storm arrives, I'd open this opportunity up for anyone reading to ask personal photography related questions..or non photography related I don't care.

This way, everyone gets an opportunity to view and share ideas and questions you may all be wondering. Don't assume I know everything, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction :-)

So for ONE WEEK ONLY, you may post any questions you may have and in one week's time-I will post the results back up on blog for viewing purposes. So check back next Tuesday with your results!

Happy questioning!
I'll leave you with this...happy sleeping angel. More coming soon!


Kate said...

Hi Tiffany,

I would like to have answers to all the questions you posted and more!

What kind of lens do you use?

How do I keep my image from being blurry?

What does ISO mean?

How do you photograph a moving subject?

Can you tell me what you do in Photoshop to make these images so unbelievely beautiful?

Thank you to the best photographer I know. I hope to learn a lot from this! What a wonderful opportunity!


Carrie said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like you shoot a lot of shots outdoors in the sunlight and I wondering how you get that perfect exposure? I never see shadows or dark faces with blown out backgrounds just perfect all around brightness. Do you shoot using fill flash and if so do you use it on or off camera with or without and umbrella? Sorry last one :0 do you usually always shoot wide open and if so how do you make it look just soft and not blurry? Thank you, you truly are a great photographer and I am so excited to be able to ask you questions! Cant wait until next Tuesday to learn a whole bunch!

Nicole said...

Hooray for a Q & A session! I have a couple for you :)

What is your favorite lens to use for portraits, and what is your favorite lens for group photos?

Thanks, Tiffany! You are fantastic!

Janet said...

Which actions do you use, if any?

Lisa and Mark said...

will a 50mm lens really make my life so much better?

Brooke said...

What are your favorite actions you use and where did you buy or download them from? You are a gem!

Candace said...

Where do you get a ruffle one piece outfit like the one Audra's girl is wearing?

The Perry's said...

Thank you for doing this. You are awesome.

Could you please share some of your favorite locations to shoot?

What actions did you use(if any) for your mom & daughter shoot? I love the colors in those photos.

Do you create your storyboards in Photoshop?

What websites/books would you recommend for a beginner both in taking photos with DSLR and using Photoshop?


Candace said...

oh yeah one more- I have been doing photography for a long time www.mysnapdragonphotos.blogspot.com but my editing process seems to get longer and longer as I go- I loved my color pop action at first but then I had to spend time toning it down and getting rid of red lines it seemed to create on the outlines of my subjects skin. Your colors have the right amount of pop and not too bright. I also can tell you do really well at interacting with your subjects- I would like to know how you get families to interact with each other in a natural way but they remember to smile.

Sarah Teeter said...

I love your work- so colorful, so natural. So here go my many questions :)Do you use PSE or the full photoshop? Do you change the white balance on your camera when you are shooting or keep it on a specifc one all the time? How do you get the nice, natural skin tone? What would be a normal post work flow of a photograph? How long from shooting to packaging do you spend on an average family session (time wise)? How did you determine your pricing? Thanks for hosting this Q&A. I am looking forward to the answer session!!

Sarah Teeter said...

I have one other question... how do you get your eyes to pop so much? Especially those baby blues?

Ashley Henry Photography said...

I would LOVE to hear about your post-processing workflow. For example....What is your typcial process from after the shoot until the photos are delivered? How many images do you edit and then how many do you deliver to the client? What is your organizational process with all your files? How long do you spend on post-process for a typcial shoot? What tips or ideas do you have for helping speed up post-process work? Do you do proofing for your clients and if so, what is your method?

I would also love to hear about actions/presets you recommend or just any photoshop tips or pointers that you use frequently!

Okay....that is A LOT of questions. :) Don't feel like you have to answer them all! Thank you for your willingness to share!

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