Saturday, June 19, 2010

And the Winner Is....

The winner of the free photo shoot belongs to..


kayleigh who said...

"I love to drive. Getting in my car with no destination, only to ease my mind. With the windows rolled down, my stereo at full blast, and the wind putting endless tangles that I will later regret in my hair, I love to drive. Up and down Pacific Coast Highway, to my favorite view point in Laguna Beach (that to this day, I won't tell anyone about!), to my Grandparents house in Long Beach just to take a nap and have dinner with them, or through my neighborhood... I just love it. It's the simple things that remind me how fortunate and lucky I am to have the life that I'm living today."

Thank you everyone for your entries!! I loved reading what everyone loved!

As a special gift for those who participated, I've decided to give anyone who left a comment AND who becomes a follower of this blog-25% off of any ONE session price booked from now until next year! Thanks again everyone!


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