Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lily & the Lefrandt Family-Orange County Family Photographer

Ohhhhhhh are you ready for these? Are you sure? Double check cause there are a lot of them!!!!

This beautiful family belongs to me. Jon is my cousin and dear friend for life. My family is extremely close so when I say cousin, imagine more like brother.
And as you can imagine, I love this family.

They were here visiting a couple of weeks ago and we had the time of our lives! Our little ones played together, we laughed together, did Disneyland together you name it! I'm incredibly grateful for this little bunch.

And isn't little Lily just to die for?

And ending with my favorite from the day..I love this picture. It's just so carefree and playful, like she's daydreaming in the sand, tracing her every footstep. On her own agenda-it's so Lily.

I love her.

I love this family. I loved this day.


Jon, Ashley, Lily and Sophie said...

Tiff... you are AMAZING. I love these so much. xoxoxo

ryan, megan, and maddie said...

These photos are fantastic. I cannot wait for our photo shot in July.

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