Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do You Know What I Love???

THIS amazing candle from Anthropologie. It is a pretty penny for a giant pice of smelling wax but let me tell is worth it!

Viva La Juicy. All day. Every day.

I love children's wild imaginations. As a child growing up in a giant orange orchard in the middle of clovis, california-I had an imagination that would make a crazy person feel sane. I used to build tree houses in our backyard and spent the days gazing up into the sky making shapes out of the clouds. I think my dream house may have looked a little something like this.
I hope my children have as much fun day dreaming as I had.

I love to dance! As a major in Music Dance Theater for a long time at BYU- I love theater and the arts. Music inspires me. Whether it's by movement, or song I'm thrilled by the sound of a beat. Broadway was not such a short lived dream for me. To this DAY my dream role would be Sandy on Grease. I think I would kill it. ;-)

I LOVE love letters. I'm such a sucker for sentiment. Give me a million dollars and an airplane and I'll give you a hug. Write me a love note and I'll love you forever.

which is probably why I'm so obsessed with this book...

I love this painting of the Savior. I don't know who did it, or when, or if it is really of any significant value to anyone other than myself, but I've always loved this picture of Jesus. It's so simple and so beautiful. I'll cherish it all the days of my life. It speaks me in ways no other art could. I love it.

If you haven't heard yet, I love my daughter. Hence the name of my photography business. It was built around her. She inspires me to be something bigger than myself on a daily basis. It is because of her that I have even pushed myself into doing photography. She gives me something new to look at. A different perspective every minute of every day. She's taught me more about life in a year and a half than anyone ever could have in 1,000 years. I love this girl. She will forever be my little baby.

Have you been to Sno On The Go in Mission Viejo???? Go. NOW. Get in your car and RUN. It is the most blessed experience you will have in a seriously long time.

Annnnd I love this guy. I love him, love him love him like the day is long. He makes me who I am. He completes me-just like Jerry Mcguire and I love him all the more for it. He is the last thing I want to see when I go to bed at night and the first thing I look for every morning. He is my day and my night. My good and my bad. I am everything with him, and nothing without him. He is my forever, and I love it.

If you haven't heard, Matilda Jane is the it and the all. If you ALSO haven't heard-I'm still holding an online trunk show until Sunday morning! You can't order this stuff online so if you see something you want-contact me before Sunday and I'll place your order ( It is seriously to die for. Take a peek.

Celine Dion is without question the greatest singer of all time. She has completely changed my life. I went to her concert a few years back and she brought me to tears. I'm obsessed, to say the least. ALthough she may seem a bit old school to a lot of people nowadays-her vocal talent is timeless. She's amaze.

I do not go a day without this jolly goodness on my ever thirsting lips. It may be a tad expensive for gloss you could probably pick up at your local grocery store for half the price-but still, I swear by it. Victoria's Secret beauty rush lip gloss. Own one.

I love wrinkles. I hate it when my mom pulls her face back and says "wouldn't I look better like this?" Of COURSE not mother dear. Wrinkles make us who we are. THey are the sings of happiness and joy. The more smiling-the more crevices and that is something beautiful to me. I love that people can wear their heart on their sleeve and their life of their faces. Whether it be happy or sad-life is a journey and the older we get the more we appreciate that. COming from a true rookie I don't know that I'm the expert on that-but I can't wait to be old and grey with my family by my side. That's what it's all about.
I heart wrinkles.

(photo property of gidjetluvs flickr photostream)



This month marks the one year anniversary of my photo blog and as a special treat I am giving away a single photoshoot to one special person. Whether it be here (california), or in Utah within the next year I am positive I will be in one place or the other. Should you happen to be visiting between now and next June-you could be the lucky winner ;-)

For the next week-please leave your name, email address and something that YOU LOVE and I will pick a special winner. Thanks to everyone who has helped support and lift me up with this business. It has truly been a dream come true and I have been blessed with really special clients. YOU make this business what it is, and for that I love YOU.

The winner will be announced next Saturday by 4 p.m.

See you real soon!

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Amanda said...

Ooh,.. I love give-a-ways,.. but I also really love brand-spankin-new tight, white socks. Love it.,.. can I enter daily!?!

Sanders Family said...

I would LOVE to win.. I will be making many visits to see my family in Utah and would LOVE to have pictures taken by YOU.
What I LOVE more than anything in the world is being a Mom.

The Alvords said...

I have admired your photography for months now and would love to have you take my growing family's photos!

I love my unborn child, and how much my husband adores her as well. We daydream about her all the live-long day and can't wait for her arrival in September.


Desiree and Lars said...

So we went to AZ for the weekend (my home) and starting thinking of those things I LOVE in AZ, that Cali doesn't have. I LOVE Buhama Bucks! (Much like the Sno place), I LOVE AZ thunder storms, I LOVE the bird call of the Morning Dove (I don't hear it in Cali and do in AZ), I love that AZ intersections state what address you are at (like 500 N). Anyway, there you have it. And I LOVE my lovie, Aliyah! Yeah! I'm excited for your lil contest!

The Marshpeople said...

Hi! I just found your beautiful blog through Brittany Asay. I am in desperate need of a photo shoot :) I love the smell of freshly bathed baby girls and the peaceful quiet when everyone is finally asleep at my house.
Carly Marsh

jcornish said...

Hi There! I started following your blogs a few months ago for ideas on decorating and how to take a great picture, BUT I just can't take pics like yours, not sure if it's me or my camera. Anyway, I had to comment on the chance I could win!!!

I LOVE my 8month old Harper more than anything, but I also love hydrangeas, watermelon gum, nail polish colors and M&M's...

Mary Burns said...

Hi! I am already scheduled to have you shoot my soon to be newborn because I LOVE your pics! I would LOVE to win this too!!

I LOVE my sweet, LOVING husband, my soon to be son, being an elementary school teacher, sour patch kids and cold stone, my beautiful nieces, and making people smile!

Mary Fahrenhorst

Brandon and Ash said...

Yay!! I love reading your blogs and am always inspired by your work and kind words. The love you share for your family is so evident and real in the words you share. Thanks for being that gentle reminder of how lucky I am to have a family.

I love my sweet boys, chocolate and ranunculus'.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity - I would be thrilled to have you capture our little fam.

Please send my best to Chris and your sweet little Eliza.


dcbyron said...

The painting is _Christ at Thirty-Three_ by Heinrich Hofmann.

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